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Blog :: 12-2020

52 New Listings in Loudoun You Won't Find on Zillow, or Any Realtor Site!

There are 255 active listings on the market in Loudoun County right now. We're still at historic lows for inventory. If you want to get a jump on the best new listings, you probably should be looking at the Coming Soons! You won't find these listings on Zillow, or any Realtor site. I can set you up with a daily email to make sure you see all the Coming Soons as soon as they hit the MLS.

Here are the 52 current Coming Soon listings for Loudoun. They aren't available for showings yet, but should be within the next 14 days at the latest, maybe much sooner. If you see one you love, call me, I can generally reach out to the listing agent, get answers to any questions you might have and possibly find out when the first showings will be available.

As I mentioned in my recent blog post, The Countdown to the 2021 Spring Real Estate Market Has Begun! -- with the stock market near record highs, the COVID-19 vaccine in distribution, and the Presidential election behind us, there's every reason to believe the spring market will be robust! Whether you're a buyer or a seller, I'd love to help you successfully navigate this challenging market. Call or text me at 703-966-7036!





32 Listings You Won't Find on, Zillow or Any Realtor Site

Currently, there are about 300 active real estate listings in Loudoun County. For a county with a population of over 400,000, that's not much inventory. In fact, the data shows we're near 10 year  lows for homes available in Loudoun.

If you're a buyer in this market, it's harder and harder to find your dream home. And once you do, you may find there's fierce competition out there. Other buyers may be willing to bid up prices with escalation clauses, wave inspections or other contingencies to beat out your best offer.

The bottom line is that to compete in this market, you have to be on your toes and willing to act decisively. You need to prepared and have the best information available.

A great tool that I use with my clients is automated email searches. We define the parameters of your home search, (e.g. price range, # of bedrooms, lot size, etc. etc.) and you'll automatically be notified when a matching property is listed in the MLS. One of the best features of these alerts is that we can include in these alerts homes that are "Coming Soon". This listing status means the property is not yet available to show. You won't these listings on, Zillow, Trulia or any Realtor sites. These listings are coming to market, but many not be available for up to 14 days.

Here's a sample link to the 32 properties currently in the MLS with a status of "Coming Soon". Don't you want to be among the very first to see these listings?

If you identify a property with a Coming Soon status that may be of interest, I can usually reach the listing agent to learn more and ask any specific questions about the property you might have. Then, I can work with you to be first in line to see the property when it's available to show, and potentially prepare a competitive offer. Timing, planning and preparation are the only way to win in this market. Let me help you.

To set up your own personalized automated search, including Coming Soon listings, email me at I'll be in touch. If you'd rather talk first, please call or text me at 703-966-7036.


Countdown to the Spring 2021 Real Estate Market Has Begun!

Over the past few years, the Spring Real Estate Market in Loudoun County has begun earlier and earlier. The latest economic and housing data suggests that the 2021 Spring Real Estate Market will be more competitive than ever. The latest report from the Dulles Area Association of Realtors shows just 472 active listings in Loudoun County -- down more than 50% from 2019. There's enormous demand, and limited supply. That's why home prices were up as much as 8% Year-Over-Year in 2021.

With the stock market in record territory, the Presidential election behind us, and the prospect of a vaccine for COVID-19, all signs are pointing to an incredible opportunity for sellers.

When Exactly Will the 2021 Spring Market Begin?

My husband and I used to take a winter vacation to the beach every year in January or the first week of February. For the last 5 years, vacation has been cancelled and my phone starts ringing off the hook in the week between Christmas and New Years. At the latest, the week of January 4th, 2021 we'll get started in earnest.

Thinking About Selling? There's Lots to Do, Let's Get Started!

Whether you're committed to selling in Spring 2021, or just thinking about it, there's a lot we can do now to get ready.

Pricing & Competitive Market Analysis

Let's begin the work of pricing your home, which starts with a free Competitive Market Analysis. We'll look at the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood and determine a go-to-market price based on your goals and timeline.

Net Sheet & Planning

Figuring out how much you're likely to net from the sale of your home in 2021 will help you plan for your next move. I'll provide detailed estimates.

Tidying Up & Repairs

Even with Christmas right around the corner, there's plenty that you can do to tidy up, de-personalize and address any known problems with your home. I can help you decide which projects to prioritize.

Photography & Drone Shoot

Now is still a great time to capture pictures of your home, even the exterior. As of December 3rd, we still have mostly green lawns that will make for better listing photos than a snow covered landscape.

Why Work With Me?

For almost 20 years, I've been one of the top producing Realtors® in Northern Virginia. I have an established track record of success you can validate for yourself:

Let's Get Started!

Call or text me anytime at 703-966-7036. Send me email at, or fill out a form on my Contact page. 2021 is going to be a great year for real estate in 2021. I'm excited about working with you to make your transaction a big success!

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