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Life in Loudoun County

32 Listings You Won't Find on, Zillow or Any Realtor Site

Currently, there are about 300 active real estate listings in Loudoun County. For a county with a population of over 400,000, that's not much inventory. In fact, the data shows we're near 10 year  lows for homes available in Loudoun.

If you're a buyer in this market, it's harder and harder to find your dream home. And once you do, you may find there's fierce competition out there. Other buyers may be willing to bid up prices with escalation clauses, wave inspections or other contingencies to beat out your best offer.

The bottom line is that to compete in this market, you have to be on your toes and willing to act decisively. You need to prepared and have the best information available.

A great tool that I use with my clients is automated email searches. We define the parameters of your home search, (e.g. price range, # of bedrooms, lot size, etc. etc.) and you'll automatically be notified when a matching property is listed in the MLS. One of the best features of these alerts is that we can include in these alerts homes that are "Coming Soon". This listing status means the property is not yet available to show. You won't these listings on, Zillow, Trulia or any Realtor sites. These listings are coming to market, but many not be available for up to 14 days.

Here's a sample link to the 32 properties currently in the MLS with a status of "Coming Soon". Don't you want to be among the very first to see these listings?

If you identify a property with a Coming Soon status that may be of interest, I can usually reach the listing agent to learn more and ask any specific questions about the property you might have. Then, I can work with you to be first in line to see the property when it's available to show, and potentially prepare a competitive offer. Timing, planning and preparation are the only way to win in this market. Let me help you.

To set up your own personalized automated search, including Coming Soon listings, email me at I'll be in touch. If you'd rather talk first, please call or text me at 703-966-7036.


Winery For Sale – Beloved Local Business Seeks New Ownership

You could say that the story of Dry Mill Winery is as long as the history of wine in Virginia. European colonists were already planting vineyards in 16th century. By the early 1800s, Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest patrons of wine in the United States, had established two vineyards in his south orchard at Monticello. In the early 1900s, Charlottesville's Monticello Wine Company was so well regarded that the city declared itself "the Capital of the Wine Belt in Virginia".


The Opportunity - Winery For Sale


But in fact, Virginia's hot humid summers proved challenging to viticulture over the years. Black rot and the root louse phylloxera savaged vineyards planted with classic European grape varieties. It is only within the past 20 years that growers successfully adapted, learning to cultivate French hybrids and American varietals that spawned a game-changing revolution for Virginia wine. Virginia now ranks 5th in the US for both bearing acreage and grape production. Loudoun County, just west of Washington D.C., is one of the counties at the heart of this turnaround.


A Labor of Love


In the 1980s, a growing number of for-profit and non-profit organizations were established to help promote Virginia wine. A few prescient individuals could see the opportunity that Virginia wine presented. One of these far-sighted individuals was a man by the name of Dean Vanhuss. Dean began growing grapes in Loudoun in the late 1990s. After retiring from a career in Northern Virginia's "Tech Corridor", Dean turned his full attention to a lifelong dream of making wine. With his wife Nancy and his daughter Michelle Pizarello, Dean set about finding the perfect place to make wine and share it with the public.

In 2009, with the help of local Realtor, Kelly Gaitten, Dean & Nancy acquired 9 gorgeous, rolling acres just west of Historic Downtown Leesburg, Loudoun's county seat. The site had a history of it's own and enormous potential as winery. The first job was to renovate the old barn previously used by the Loudoun Hunt.


Dcim100mediadji 0017.jpg


The Renovation


The old barn was sturdy, but was truly nothing more than an old horse barn. Dean, Nancy & Michelle carefully restored the structure, reusing nearly all of the original wood. Their goal to was to preserve the character of the building and give their winery a rustic and authentic feel. Exposed wooden beams, a tin roof, wall sconces and a fireplace transformed the old horse stalls into a warm and cozy tasting room. The original large wooden storm shutters now slide past the winery’s French doors, inviting visitors inside. The outside patio seats up to thirty people for wine tasting and light fare. The old hay loft is now a spacious meeting room featuring two balconies that overlook the property.

While some vines have been planted on the lower level of the property, the full potential of the 9 acre lot has yet to be realized. Dean continued to produce most of the grapes for Dry Mill’s many award winning wines at Short Hill Vineyards, Dean & Nancy’s home in nearby Lovettsville. Standing on the balcony looking up the steep slope, it’s easy to imagine the property fully planted like a hillside vineyard in Provence or Napa Valley.


The Fruits of Our Labor - Winery For Sale


Ten years later Dean & Nancy have accomplished nearly everything they set out to do. They’ve won dozens and dozens of awards for their wine. They created a thriving business with a loyal following and a reputation for quality. They made hundreds if not thousands of new friends from all around the world. They’ve made continuous investment in a facility that will hopefully continue as a winery, or take on a new life as something more. They’ve chosen the time to hand over stewardship of this property and this business to the next owners. Even more, they’ve created a large surplus inventory of wine that could be transferred to the new ownership as part of the sale.

Dean & Nancy would very much like to be hand’s on during the transition and assist the new owners as they take over. With access to their experience and expertise, it’s entirely reasonable that someone without prior winery management experience could sustain and grow the business.


The Return of the Hunt


Among the many satisfying moments along the way was the return of the Loudoun Hunt to their old barn. It was a great day at the winery, and seeing members of the hunt in their traditional garb reminds us of the history and tradition of this place.


Kelly Gaitten Hamilton Va Real Estate Dsc 1314

Kelly Gaitten Hamilton Va Real Estate Dsc 1370 2

Kelly Gaitten Hamilton Va Real Estate Dsc 1297


Are You The One?


Someone will read this blog post and feel a stirring of the heart. Someone will read this and see the hand of fate pointing them down a road they’ve longed to travel. If you are that person, please, pick up the phone and call or text Kelly at 703-966-7036. It’s time to start the next chapter of your life, and the realization of your dreams. All reasonable offers considered. The owners are looking for “the right buyer”, not just the highest bidder.

For more information, view the full MLS Listing here: 18195 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, Virginia


Video Overview of the Property – Winery For Sale




Could It Be Something Else?


Absolutely. For sentimental reasons, the owners would love to transition the property to someone who shares their love of wine and wine-making. That being said, this is an incredible venue, close to Historic Downtown Leesburg, near the Washington & Old Dominion Bike Trail, with a large parking lot and spacious grounds. The facility might work as a restaurant, a venue for weddings & events, a brewery, or any one of the new “agri-tourism” businesses springing up all over Loudoun. All scenarios subject to consideration of current zoning ordinances and other relevant regulation.

Top 10 Things That are Great About Living in Farmington On The Green

Coming Soon on Curtis Court in Farmington On The Green

Farmington On The Green is a great neighborhood and homes here only become available once in awhile. Here’s your latest opportunity to join one of Purcellville’s most in-demand communities. Offered at $765,00, this home features 4 bedrooms, 3|1 baths on 1.95 acres.

Front Close Up of 36782 Curtis Court in Farmington On The Green

Farmington On The Green is a neighborhood of about 75 homes near the Town of Purcellville in Northern, Virginia. The name, “On The Green” refers to the community’s proximity to Loudoun Golf & Country Club. The back nine of Loudoun Golf & Country Club runs along the eastern border of the neighborhood. A number of homes back directly to holes #12, #13 and #14.

Kelly Gaitten Hamilton Va Real Estate Farmington On The Green

For many years, Farmington On The Green, known as “the FOG” by locals, has been one of the most in-demand neighborhoods in the county. Why? What’s so great about life in “the FOG”? Here’s a Top Ten to help you understand why those of us who live here love it so much…

#1 – Living on the Golf Course


An aerial overhead photo of the club house and putting green at Loudoun Golf & Country Club
The clubhouse and practice putting green.

Loudoun Golf & Country Club is one of the best kept secrets in golf here in Northern Virginia. Built in 1927, the 18 hole course offers a unique layout. It’s playable for golfers at any level, but infinitely challenging even for more talented players. Over the past several years, LGCC has been in the midst of a major renovation of the golf course. The result is 18 impeccably maintained greens in a natural setting, that’s very walkable. “The Club” is not affiliated with the neighborhood in any official way, but 30-50% of neighborhood residents are members.

Loudoun Golf & Country Club is a unique community unto itself. It’s unassuming, uniformly friendly and welcoming. Membership dues are among the lowest in the Washington DC region. The saying goes, “We put the COUNTRY in country club.” This isn’t a hoidy-toidy, richy-rich club of snobs. This is a club your whole family belongs to, taking advantage of the swimming pool, an active tennis community and simply one of the best golf courses in the area. There are tournaments and events throughout the year, and the club house is a place where friends gather for good food, drink and merriment. A typical Friday evening will find you and about 50 of your neighbors on the patio, enjoying dinner, watching golfers come up the 9th fairway, with live local music. Residents of Farmington On The Green can walk home, or take a golf cart for safety or convenience.

#2 – Living Next Door to Franklin Park


On the western side of the neighborhood is Franklin Park, a regional park in the western portion of Loudoun County. The 200 acre park includes:

  • 3.5 mile walking / horseback riding trail
  • Outdoor pool and “Sprayground”
  • Playground
  • 2 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Rugby / Football / Soccer / Lacrosse fields
  • An 18 hole Disc Golf Course
  • Baseball / Softball Fields
  • Equestrian Ring & Corrals
  • In-line Hockey Rink
  • Fishing – Catch & Release Pond

Programs & special events include:

  • Dog Swim
  • Trout Fishing Derby
  • 4th of July Fireworks – One of the best displays in the county
  • Summer Camps

Also on the property is the Franklin Park Performing & Visual Arts Center, a venue for live music and other entertainment.

Franklin Park is just a tremendous resource, a place where any kid could grow up, never running out of things to do. The park grounds are immaculate with no litter. It’s a safe and family friendly environment.

A picture of the public swimming pool at Franklin Park in Purcellville.
The swimming pool at Franklin Park.

#3 Close to the Town of Purcellville


Purcellville is simply a classic American small town. It used to be one of the last stops on the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad. In the 19th & 20th century, families would escape the heat of summer in Washington D.C., by heading west to rural Loudoun County. Purcellville was a farming community. The town has preserved that feeling of quaint simplicity, despite it’s growth as a suburb of the District.

A picture of a man crossing N. 21st Street in
N. 21st in “Downtown” Purcellville

Purcellville still isn’t quite big enough that we have a Home Depot (go to Nichol’s Hardware instead) or a Walmart (go to Leesburg). But we have great local restaurants like Magnolia’s at the Mill or Finn Thai, as well as many local wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Purcellville conducts a number of parades through the year and in the fall, the entire town becomes a giant flea market during the annual Purcellville Tag Sale.

#4 Not in the Town of Purcellville


Although it’s great to live close to Purcellville, there are a couple of big benefits to being outside the town limits. We don’t pay any extra town taxes, and we don’t pay for town water and sewer. The savings is significant!

#5 High Speed Internet is Available in Farmington On The Green


Unlike some other rural communities in Western Loudoun, all the major carriers are here, including Verizon FIOS and Comcast. This makes working from home a lot easier.

#6 Places to Walk Your Dog (or Yourself) or Run or Bicycle


If you’re a walker, runner or cyclist you’ll be thrilled with many options on paths. Many of us walk on the golf course when the golfers aren’t out there. Franklin Park has a 3.5 mile perimeter trail that includes some challenging hills. The neighborhood itself offers ~5 miles of beautifully paved roads.   To the south, along Tranquility Road, an old gravel road winds past Otium Cellar Winery and Tranquilty Farm back through hundreds of acres of farmland. You can truly go as far as your legs will take you.

Picture of a Belgian Sheepdog named Tegan walking on a golf course.
The 12th green at Loudoun Golf & Country Club.

#7 – Wildlife


Between the golf course, the park, common areas throughout the neighborhood and adjacent farmland, there’s quite a bit of open space that provides habitat for all manner of wildlife. Deer are  abundant in the neighborhood. Rabbits, raccoons, possum, skunk and snakes are all quite common. Wild turkeys and foxes can be seen throughout the neighborhood. This black bear came up on our deck for the bird feeder suet.  Bird seed is ok but suet will attract the bears. Better to leave that down.

Comparison of Black Bear to Homeowner
Our Nest cam spotted this bear on the back deck in October 2018. Steve in this frame doing a bear reenactment.

#8 – Natural Beauty


Farmington On The Green was built starting back in the 1980s. Even from the earliest days, homeowner’s planted flowering trees, Cleveland Pears, Kwanzan Cherry’s, Flowering Crab Apples, Star Magnolias. In Spring when these trees are in bloom the neighborhood seems frosted in cotton candy. The community was built around open spaces that have been preserved as meadows. In the summer a slight breeze makes waves across fields of waist high grass.

Wide Aerial View of Farmington On The Green
Wide Aerial View of Farmington On The Green in Early Spring
Steve & Kelly's House on Pinehurst Court in Spring
Steve & Kelly’s House on Pinehurst Court in Spring

#9 – Community – The People of Farmington On The Green


For many years there has been a great sense of community here. People look out for one another and go the extra mile to be a good neighbor. Folks come out to help when there’s a tree down after a storm. We share tools and equipment. We find lost dogs and check on each other. There’s a very active Facebook page where people share information and connect with each other. The people here are just wonderful and go out of their way to welcome new neighbors.

#10 – We Like to Party!


There are two big events throughout the year, attended by most of the neighborhood. Oktoberfest is the Fall potluck. At Christmas time, an annual party is hosted, usually at the same home each year. Throughout the year, smaller informal gatherings are conducted.

COVID-19 Update — How Real Estate Keeps Moving

First of all. I hope this post finds you well.  People have asked me recently “how is the housing market”?  My answer depends on the day.   As the pandemic hit and schools closed, then businesses closed, then restaurants and shops closed it was all very unsettling to say the least.  But, as of February 29th the housing market was great.

Kelly Gaitten Hamilton Va Real Estate Covid Update Realtor Berkshire Hathaway PenfedLoudoun County’s Spring housing market was already off to a great start.  Housing inventory has been at an all time low for the past 3 years and buyer activity was very good. Some locations were seeing multiple offers. It was looking like the best Spring Market in quite some time.

In early March, everything changed. Stay at home orders went out nationwide for all non-essential workers. Essential workers were told to work as safely as possible.  In Virginia, real estate brokers and agents are deemed “essential” because there are always housing needs. This is one pillar still holding up our economy! Even right now, sellers who sold their house last month will still need a place to live. We had many  contracts in place with scheduled closings that need to move forward. Here’s what I am doing to make sure you are safe.

Court houses are closed to the public but they still have staff there to record deeds. Our title companies have all turned to “E” recording which seems to be working out well.  Our lenders have continued their processes and will send a Notary to your home if needed for you to sign your closing papers. We have kept all of our closings on track thus far. Everyone is learning how to function with a “new normal”.

Yes, I am open for business. I typically work from home anyway so this is no change for me. I’m setup to take calls, write contracts, send offers, write presentations, look up listings and negotiate for you, from home. Our physical office in Hamilton is not currently open but we are all in and out of the office several times per week and we maintain weekly meetings virtually with our broker. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty is in constant contact with all of us. The support we have is incredible.

Listing appointments. I would be happy to meet with you via Facetime, Zoom, phone call or in person. If I am meeting you in person, I will be wearing  gloves, mask and shoe covers. If you are healthy and feeling well, I’m happy to come see you.

Side note: I take my temperature daily. If I am at all under the weather, I do not go out of the house for meetings.

Showing homes to buyers: I am working with a few buyers who were already looking for a house for the last few months. These buyers have already spoken with a lender and are pre-qualified for a mortgage. All we need to do is find the right home.

When showing homes to buyers, we should all take precautions of wearing gloves, masks and shoe covers when going in the home. I ask ahead of our showing that the sellers please turn on all lights and open closet doors for us. That way we don’t have to touch much of anything except a door going in and a door going out.

If you are a buyer in need of finding a home, do not hesitate to call me. I can get you started on the process of lender pre-qualification. I can start an MLS search for you and send you house listings daily. I encourage buyers to “drive by” listings when they can, just to be sure they like the location and look of the home from the outside. When we go out to see a home, I will drive separately and meet you there.

I’m working hard to adapt to our changing world and I am right here to help you. Stay safe!

Mountain Retreat in Winchester, Virginia

Living in Western Loudoun, we still see quite a bit of wildlife. Deer, foxes, raccoons, skunk and possum are all very common. Just last year we had a large black bear on the back deck. It’s a rare treat to discover a native animal that I’ve never seen before. That’s just what happened at my new listing in Winchester. Have you ever seen one of these before? Probably not.

Fisher Cat

Meet the “Fisher” or “Fisher Cat”, a relative of the weasel and mink. Fishers are a fierce predator found in forests. Once trapped for fur, they were driven to the brink of extinction in the US. However they were reintroduced in some areas and welcomed for their unique ability to prey on porcupines.

So, where was this exotic specimen discovered? On a 28+ acre lot in the town of Cross Junction, just north of Winchester, Virginia — about an hour west of Dulles International Airport.

In addition to exotic wildlife, the property offers sincere privacy and serene mountain views.

The house features 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, a roomy kitchen with island seating and a separate dining area. The large family room has a wood stove. There’s a separate living room with a wood burning fireplace and large picture windows.

The property might be suitable as a hunting cabin or weekend getaway. Or, just a few minutes from Winchester, perhaps this is your everyday private retreat.

Family Room


Kitchen Sink

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Would you like to REALLY get away from it all? Would you like to escape the traffic and noise of the suburbs and see real wild life? Come visit 281 Dry Creek Lane! Even as autumn winds into winter, it’s a fun drive into the countryside with spectacular views.

View the Full Listing


Farmington on the Green – Recent Sales

As both a resident of Farmington On The Green, and a busy Realtor®, friends and neighbors often ask me about recent sales in the neighborhood. All of this information is publicly available on sites like,, etc. But I thought it would be helpful and informative to pull it together in one place to share.

36552 Innisbrook Circle – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
2.25 Acres
Garage Spaces
2 Full / 1 Half
Year Built


17842 Oakmont Way

17842 Oakmont Way – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
2.23 Acres
Garage Spaces
2 Full / 1 Half
Year Built


36543 Innisbrook Circle

36543 Innisbrook Circle – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
Garage Spaces
5 Full / 3 Half
Year Built


36624 Innisbrook Circle - Farmington On The Green

36624 Innisbrook Circle – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
4.03 Acres
Garage Spaces
4 Full / 1 Half
Year Built


17796 Brookwood Way - Farmington On The Green

17796 Brookwood Way – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
2.37 Acres
Garage Spaces
3 Full / 1 Half
Year Built


36544 Innisbrook Circle - Farmington On The Green

36544 Innisbrook Circle – Purcellville, Virginia

Sold Price
Close Date
Days on Market
Finished Square Footage
Lot Size
1.5 Acres
Garage Spaces
2 Full / 1 Half
Year Built

In 2019, the lowest actual sales price was $641,000 and the highest was $921,000 producing a median price of $697,796. The average price per square foot was $204.27. The average Sold Price to List Price Ratio was 99.38%. The average days on market was 50.

Are you curious about what your home might be worth in today’s market? Do you have questions about how long it might take to sell, or what improvements could add the most value to your home? Call or text me at 703-966-7036, I’m never too busy to help or answer your questions.

You can also contact me by email, or request a spreadsheet version of this data at

Bookmark this page for future reference, I will continue to post updates as they are available. I will announce updates to the page via the private Farmington On The Green Group on Facebook.

Loudoun Golf and Country Club in Purcellville

As a Realtor® AND a golfer, I get lots of questions about local golf courses and neighborhoods that offer convenient access to golf. As a long time member of Loudoun Golf & Country Club and a neighbor in the adjacent Farmington on the Green community, I’m always eager to recommend my home course. Here are some beautiful aerial pictures of the course following the latest round of design enhancements on the front nine.

Hole #1 - View from the Tee

Living By The Golden Rule - Get to Know Realtor Kelly Gaitten

This article originally appeared in the May 2019 edition of NOVA Real Producers Magazine. It was written by Karla Lutz Bowling.

Kelly Gaitten is one of those people you meet and you immediately feel a connection. Kelly is an associate broker at Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty. She’s the kind of person you can’t help but want to be friends with, and if you’re lucky enough to have her as your real estate agent, you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s easy to be charmed by her energy and passion for life because it comes from a genuine concern for others and the ability to relate on a personal level.

Her insight into her clients’ needs is intuitive. “Building this business into a career is very rewarding. Real estate is not sales; it’s psychology. Figuring out someone’s needs, wants, and real reasons for buying or selling is the best way I can help them. Everyone is going through something — life changes, health changes, or happy things like getting married or having a baby. It’s exciting to be involved in people’s lives during those big events. I do my best to minimize the stress of the transaction. We can’t always accomplish that, but it’s my goal,” she says.

Kelly has been around the real estate industry for most of her life. She got her license in 1989 at age 22 at the suggestion of her parents who were real estate investors. However, after a year she decided to put that career on hold when her father became ill with cancer. Her mother, Pat Lynn, still owns, manages, and maintains several commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties in Kelly’s hometown of Occoquan, Virginia.

Kelly has never been one to shy away from hard work. At 13 she was already showing her entrepreneurial spirit by mowing grass and picking up groceries for neighbors. In high school, she worked at the Godiva boutique in her hometown and waited tables.

“After high school, I went to college for a few accounting and business courses, but I never finished. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be or find my direction, so I went to work! I got an entry-level job in Alexandria as a temp. From there, I worked my way up to an executive level assistant, first for the president of a civil engineering firm, then moved on to Freddie Mac. In 1997, AOL recruited me to be an executive coordinator, and that is where I met my husband,” Kelly says.

Kelly credits her husband, Steve, for giving her the courage to get back into real estate. “His love and support have helped me become a more independent and confident person. He believes in me like my parents always have. After we got married, we took off for a few years to renovate our historic home. In 2001 we decided we were ready to get back to work.  I was struggling with whether to return to an office job or to put my license back to active as a full-time Realtor®.  I was afraid to step out on the ledge. One day he asked me if I wanted to work for someone else my entire life or bet on myself. I told him ‘I want to bet on me!’  That was a turning point in my life and career. The reassurance to make that decision helped me blossom further. Confidence was all I needed. I had everything else, and I never looked back.”

Once Kelly stepped onto that ledge, she began to soar. Well known as one of the top producing real estate agents in Northern Virginia, Kelly specializes in luxury homes, horse properties, and historic homes. Her career volume is more than $200 million and her last year’s volume was $26 million. Kelly boasts a 5-Star Rating on Zillow, Google, and Facebook and was recognized as one of Washingtonian Magazine’s Best DC Area Realtors (2015 – 2018), and Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best Real Estate Agents in 2018.

Her awards are numerous including 2009 President’s Circle, 2010 Leading Edge Society, 2011 Chairman’s Circle Gold, 2012 President’s Circle, 2013-2016 Chairman’s Circle Gold (Top 2% of the network), 2016 Legend Award (for 5 consecutive Gold Awards), and Chairman’s Circle Platinum (Top 1% of all agents in network) in 2017 and 2018. Additionally, she has been recognized as a HomeLight Top Buyer’s Agent, Top Seller’s Agent, and Top Producer in 2018.

Although her particular expertise is with luxury properties, Kelly points out that she works with buyers and sellers in every price range. She has experience with virtually every type of property including land sales, single-family homes, and condominiums. She has listed wineries, B&B’s and large estates. “I try to be humble every day — get up, go to work and do my thing. I can have a meeting with a high-level executive selling their home on the golf course or a first-time buyer. Both will get my full attention and level of detail. Be fair, treat everyone like you want to be treated,” she says.

Kelly’s expertise in historic properties was instrumental in the decision to choose her as the exclusive listing agent for “Carter Hall,” in Millwood, Virginia. This exquisite property is listed at $12 million and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Stonewall Jackson once used it as his headquarters during the Civil War. The estate includes a spectacular limestone manor house, expansive lawn, and terraced gardens with sweeping panoramic views of the Shenandoah Mountains in all directions. The property has a total of 14 buildings on 87 acres. Currently, it serves as a conference center for the charitable foundation, Project Hope.

Carter Hall - Rear Aerial View

Kelly says her problem-solving skills are a vital component of her success. When faced with a problem, she doesn’t look at it as an obstacle. Instead, she approaches the situation with an attitude that she has been presented with an opportunity to find a solution. “I once had a boss tell me ‘don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.’ I use that every single day,” she relates.

Kelly’s advice to new and up-and-coming agents is to remember there is nothing that can replace perseverance. “It took me ten years to get to a notable level of success. I just kept pushing every day. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused, and it will pay off. Most of all, keep your chin up. Even when things get slow, you can get out and make some heat. Reach deep down and outside of your comfort zone. I keep pushing myself to do that every day. Don’t get complacent. This business does not allow for it. Stay humble.”

Kelly attributes her success to the strong foundation her parents gave her and their example of living by The Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She adds that success may not always look the way you expect. “Setting a goal and meeting that goal is a great start. Some successes are years in the making. Patience, diligence and passion define success for me.”

Kelly is passionate about taking care of her clients, but also tries to strike a balance between work, home, and her personal life. “This business can really pull you in. It’s easy to get distracted from life. I try not to miss key events, and I prioritize spending quality time with my family. My husband plays the guitar, and we enjoy singing together when we have time.  I also enjoy painting and drawing and recently started painting with pastels. I love to golf, and my husband and I walk three miles every single day with our dogs. That time in the early morning is key for my mental and physical well being. Once I get that done, I feel like I can tackle anything!”

Kelly likes to face each day with a positive outlook and a goal of making a difference in the world around her. She makes friends effortlessly, and her endearing personality is a natural ingredient for building lasting relationships with her clients. Her favorite quote by Maya Angelou is a perfect summary of how she lives her life: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Kelly Gaitten headshot