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Drone Photography & Videography

For the majority of listings, drone photography & video is a critical element of the marketing strategy. The drone offers a unique perspective and views that simply aren't possible with terrestrial cameras. The drone perspective allows us to pull back and show the home in the full context of the landscape. For larger properties, only a drone could range over the full acreage and show the entire property.

The sun setting on the Blue Ridge mountains near Purcellville, Virginia in Loudoun County.

Our Drone Photography & Video is Better!

These days it's as easy to order a drone shoot as it is to order a pizza. There are dozens of photographers and budding drone enthusiasts who offer their services to Realtors. So why is ours better?

We Own Our Own Drone

Other real estate agents depend on contractors to handle their drone photography. They call a service, schedule a shoot, and spend anywhere between $150 to $2,500 to have the photographer come out once. They're lucky if they get a sunny day with good weather. Because we own our equipment, we'll come back again and again until we get the perfect pictures and video. We'll do a morning shoot, an evening shoot, even night-time shots. We'll come out for sunset multiple day after day until we catch that one perfect shot of a glorious pink sunset peeking over the Blue Ridge mountains.

We Own The Best Drone

Kelly bought our first drone, the DJI Phantom in 2005. Since then we've upgraded nearly every year to make sure we're always on the cutting edge of this fast evolving technology. Currently we're flying the DJI Mavic 2 Pro -- top of the line in the industry. This drone features the Hasselblad L1D-20C camera with 4K video and Hyperlapse.

Almost 15 Years of Experience

Back in 2005, Kelly was one of the very first Realtors in Northern Virginia to adopt drone photography as a key part of her marketing. For almost 15 years we've polished our skillset, acquired the best technology & tools and built a pretty impressive portfolio. A few years ago, we produced a video for the home of a favorite client in Waterford. After seeing the video, he he asked, "Do you think we should raise the price?". And yes, that's the point --- great marketing should help you walk away form the settlement table with more money in your pocket!



It's Our Passion

Creating slideshows and videos to showcase your home is a labor of love. To us, these aren't 30 second commercials, they're full length feature films. We're not just taking pictures -- we're trying to represent the experience of living in your home. We want prospective buyers to see the vision you had when you purchased this property. It's an artistic endeavor and a personal passion. We absolutely love it!

Drone picture of the home at 121 E. Colonial Highway in Hamilton, Virginia

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